Best Recording Headphones Under $50
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In the world of audio production and recording, having a reliable and high-quality pair of headphones is paramount. Whether you are a professional musician, a budding audio engineer, or simply a passionate music lover, recording headphones play a crucial role in delivering accurate and immersive sound reproduction. These headphones allow you to hear every nuance, detail, and subtlety in the music, enabling you to make precise adjustments and create captivating recordings.

Recording headphones are specifically designed to provide an accurate and transparent audio experience. They offer a flat frequency response, ensuring that the sound you hear is faithful to the source. This level of accuracy allows you to identify flaws, fine-tune instrument balances, and capture the essence of the music as intended.

While high-end headphones may offer exceptional audio quality, they often come with a hefty price tag. However, it is entirely possible to find excellent recording headphones that deliver impressive performance without breaking the bank. This guide aims to assist you in finding the best recording headphones under $50, striking a balance between affordability and audio excellence.

We have carefully curated a list of top contenders in this price range, considering their sound quality, build, comfort, and user reviews. Additionally, we will explore important factors to consider when purchasing recording headphones, such as closed-back design, durability, connectivity, impedance, noise isolation, cable length, and warranty. Armed with this knowledge, you can make an informed decision and select the perfect pair of recording headphones to elevate your audio experience without exceeding your budget.

So, let’s dive into the world of affordable recording headphones and discover the gems that await us!

Top 5 Affordable Recording Headphones for Budget-Conscious Music Enthusiasts

Samson SR850

Samson Sr850
Samson Sr850

Samson SR850 is a pair of professional studio reference semi-open headphones designed to meet the needs of tracking, mixing, mastering, and playback. Equipped with proprietary large 50mm drivers featuring rare earth magnets, these headphones offer an extended frequency response and impressive dynamic range. As a result, you can expect accurate and detailed audio reproduction across the entire spectrum.

One notable feature of the SR850 is its circumaural, over-ear design. This design, coupled with the velour cushioning, ensures exceptional comfort, even during long listening sessions. The headphones also feature a self-adjusting headband that provides an optimal fit for different head sizes, further enhancing comfort and convenience.

In terms of connectivity, the Samson SR850 comes with a 1/4″ stereo adapter, allowing you to easily connect to a variety of audio devices and professional equipment. This versatility makes it a suitable choice for both studio work and casual listening.


  • Extended frequency response and dynamic range for accurate audio reproduction.
  • Semi-open design balances sound isolation and a natural soundstage.
  • Comfortable circumaural, over-ear design with velour cushioning.
  • Self-adjusting headband ensures an optimal fit.
  • 1/4″ stereo adapter is included for versatile connectivity.


  • The semi-open design may result in sound leakage, which could be an issue in recording environments.
  • The build quality may not be as robust as higher-end options.
  • Some users may find the fit and comfort less suitable for extended listening sessions compared to other models.
  • Limited additional features compared to more premium headphones.
  • The included cable length may not be sufficient for certain setups or recording situations.

Verdict: Samson SR850 is an impressive pair of recording headphones that offer exceptional value for the price. With their large drivers, extended frequency response, and comfortable design, these headphones are well-suited for various audio tasks. Whether you’re recording, mixing, mastering, or simply enjoying your favorite music, the SR850 delivers accurate sound reproduction and a comfortable listening experience, making it a solid choice for those seeking quality recording headphones under $50.

Sony MDR-7506

Sony Mdr 7506
Sony Mdr 7506

Sony MDR-7506 is a popular choice among audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. These wired headphones are equipped with neodymium magnets and 40-millimeter drivers, delivering powerful and detailed sound reproduction. With a frequency response ranging from 10 Hz to 20 kilohertz, these headphones capture a wide range of audio frequencies, ensuring accurate and balanced audio representation.

Designed with a closed-ear design, the Sony MDR-7506 provides exceptional comfort and effectively reduces external noises, allowing you to focus on your audio work without distractions. This feature makes them ideal for studio monitoring and critical listening tasks. The headphones come with a 9.8-foot cord that ends in a gold-plated plug, providing a reliable and secure connection. While the cord is not detachable, it offers ample length for freedom of movement during recording or mixing sessions. Additionally, a 1/4-inch adapter is included, allowing you to connect the headphones to a wide range of audio equipment.

One notable advantage of the MDR-7506 is its foldable design, which enables easy storage and travel. The headphones can be conveniently folded up and placed in the provided soft case, ensuring their protection while on the go. The rugged construction further enhances their durability, making them suitable for frequent use.


  • Powerful and detailed sound with neodymium magnets and 40-mm drivers.
  • Closed ear design provides comfort and excellent reduction of external noises.
  • Durable construction with a foldable design for easy storage and travel.
  • Long 9.8-foot cord with a gold-plated plug for versatile connectivity.
  • Comes with a 1/4-inch adapter for compatibility with different audio devices.


  • Headband padding may not be as plush as some other models, leading to potential discomfort during extended use.
  • A fixed cable may be less convenient for some users compared to detachable cable options.
  • Some users may find the sound profile to be slightly lacking in bass depth compared to their preferences.
  • Closed-ear design may cause heat buildup during long recording sessions.
  • Headphones do not offer advanced features such as a built-in microphone or wireless connectivity.

Verdict: Sony MDR-7506 is a time-tested and highly regarded option for recording headphones under $50. With their powerful sound reproduction, comfortable closed-ear design, and durable construction, they are a reliable choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re working in the studio or enjoying music on the go, the MDR-7506 provides a balanced and immersive listening experience. If you prioritize accurate sound representation, comfort, and portability, these headphones should be high on your list.


Behringer Hps3000
Behringer Hps3000

BEHRINGER HPS3000 is a pair of closed-back headphones designed to deliver a high-quality audio experience. These headphones feature a cobalt capsule, which contributes to their impressive sound performance. With an ultra-wide dynamic range, the HPS3000 offers clear and detailed audio reproduction across various frequencies.

The high-efficiency cobalt capsule used in these headphones ensures accurate sound representation, making them suitable for critical listening tasks such as recording, mixing, and mastering. The closed-back design provides excellent noise isolation, allowing you to focus on the audio without interference from external noises.

Both comfort and durability were considered when designing. The headband and ear cups are ergonomically shaped to provide a secure and comfortable fit. The adjustable headband ensures a customizable fit for different head sizes. Additionally, the headphones are built to withstand frequent use, making them a reliable choice for long-term usage.


  • Closed-back design provides good noise isolation and prevents sound leakage.
  • Wide dynamic range and high-efficiency cobalt capsule deliver accurate sound reproduction.
  • Affordable price point, making it a budget-friendly option for recording purposes.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and withstands regular use.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended listening sessions.


  • Sound quality may not be as precise or detailed compared to higher-end models.
  • Headband adjustment mechanism may feel less sturdy or prone to slipping.
  • Some users may find the ear cups less spacious or snug-fitting for their preferences.
  • It included cable length may not be suitable for certain setups or recording situations.
  • Overall build quality may not match the standards of more premium headphones.

Verdict: It offers a solid option for those seeking recording headphones under $50. With their closed-back design, cobalt capsule, and wide dynamic range, these headphones provide accurate and detailed sound reproduction. The combination of comfort and durability makes them suitable for extended listening sessions and professional use. If you’re looking for affordable headphones that deliver a balanced audio experience and excellent noise isolation, the BEHRINGER HPS3000 is worth considering.

Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DF

Monoprice Premium Hi Fi Df
Monoprice Premium Hi Fi Df

Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DF headphones offer a combination of comfort, durability, and excellent sound quality. These over-the-ear headphones are designed with thick and comfortable padding on the earpieces, ensuring a snug fit that keeps external noise out and the music inside. The headpiece is also padded with flexible rubber, enhancing both comfort and durability.

One standout feature of the Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DF headphones is their versatile connectivity. Instead of a fixed wire, these headphones feature a 3.5 mm jack located at the bottom of the left earpiece. This allows for the easy connection of a standard 3.5 mm audio patch cable, providing flexibility and convenience for different audio setups.

Equipped with 50 mm drivers and boasting a sensitivity of 100 dB, these headphones deliver impressive volume and premium sound clarity across all frequencies. Whether you’re listening to delicate nuances or powerful basslines, the Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DF headphones ensure an immersive and enjoyable audio experience.

In terms of package content, these headphones come with useful accessories. The package includes an over-the-ear Pro headphone, a 4-foot long 3.5 mm m/m audio cable with an inline microphone and controller, a 4-foot long 3.5 mm m/m audio cable, and a 3.5 mm F to 1/4″ M adapter plug. These accessories enhance the versatility of the headphones, allowing you to connect to various devices and adapt to different audio setups.


  • Thick and comfortable padding on the earpieces for improved comfort and noise isolation.
  • Flexible rubber headband for durability and a secure fit.
  • Detachable cable with a 3.5mm jack allows for easy replacement and customization.
  • 50mm drivers and 100 dB sensitivity deliver good volume and sound clarity across all frequencies.
  • Package includes multiple cables and an adapter plug for versatile connectivity options.


  • Some users may find the overall build quality to be less robust compared to higher-end headphones.
  • The inline microphone or controller may have limited functionality or audio quality compared to dedicated microphone options.
  • The sound profile may not be as neutral or accurate for critical audio monitoring purposes.
  • Headband design may not provide enough adjustability for users with larger heads or different head shapes.
  • All of the wires that come with the device might not be of the finest caliber and eventually need to be replaced for maximum functioning.

Verdict: Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DF headphones offer a compelling option for those seeking under $50 recording headphones. With their comfortable padding, flexible connectivity options, and impressive sound quality, these headphones provide a satisfying listening experience. The inclusion of useful accessories further enhances their value. If you’re looking for a well-rounded pair of headphones that prioritize sound quality, durability, and versatility, the Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DF headphones are a solid choice.

Koss UR20

Koss Ur20
Koss Ur20

Koss UR20 is a versatile pair of headphones suitable for both home and portable use. With a frequency response of 18 Hz–24 kHz and an impedance of 16 ohms, these headphones offer a wide range of audio frequencies and can be easily driven by various devices.

Featuring a high-fidelity design, the Koss UR20 utilizes a neodymium rare earth magnet and a 16-micron mylar element, delivering deep bass and clear treble for an immersive audio experience. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or engaging in professional DJ use, these headphones ensure accurate sound reproduction.

Koss UR20 is designed with comfort and durability in mind. The flexible headband with a sling allows for easy single-sided listening, providing convenience and comfort during extended use. The headphones are built to withstand regular wear and tear, ensuring maximum durability for long-term enjoyment.

Single-entry 8-foot cord offers flexibility for home and portable use. Whether you’re moving around or sitting comfortably at home, the cord provides ample length for freedom of movement. Additionally, the package includes both 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch stereo plugs, making the headphones compatible with a wide range of audio devices.


  • Deep bass and treble clarity are provided by neodymium rare earth magnet and mylar element.
  • Flexible headbands with slings allow for easy and comfortable single-sided listening.
  • Long 8-foot straight cable provides flexibility for both home and portable use.
  • Includes both 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch stereo plugs for versatile connectivity options.
  • Suitable for deejay use with its high fidelity sound and durable construction.


  • The frequency response may not be as wide or accurate compared to higher-end models.
  • The design and fit may not be as ergonomic or comfortable for extended listening sessions.
  • Some users may find the overall sound quality lacking in detail or dynamics.
  • The cable is not detachable, limiting flexibility and potential for cable replacement.
  • The noise isolation may not be as effective as closed-back headphones, leading to potential sound leakage.

Verdict: Koss UR20 headphones offer a reliable option for those seeking affordable recording headphones under $50. With their high-fidelity design, deep bass, and clear treble, they deliver a pleasing and accurate audio experience. The comfortable and durable construction, along with the included adapter plugs, add to their versatility and convenience. Whether you’re using them at home or on the go, the Koss UR20 headphones provide a reliable and enjoyable listening experience. If you’re looking for headphones suitable for various audio activities, including DJ use, these headphones are worth considering.

Buying Guide for Recording Headphones

Sound Quality

Sound quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to recording headphones. Look for headphones that offer a balanced frequency response, ensuring accurate and transparent audio reproduction. The ability to capture both lows and highs with clarity is crucial, allowing you to make precise adjustments and capture the true essence of the music.

Closed-Back Design

Closed-back headphones are preferred for recording purposes due to their excellent noise isolation. These headphones feature ear cups that are fully enclosed, preventing sound leakage and minimizing external noise interference. This design helps maintain focus and accuracy during recording, ensuring that you can hear the subtlest details without distractions. 

Comfort and Durability

Since recording sessions can be lengthy, comfort is paramount. Look for headphones with ample padding on the ear cups and headbands. Adjustable headbands are beneficial for achieving a secure and comfortable fit. Additionally, consider the durability of the headphones, as they need to withstand regular use and potential wear and tear.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Check the connectivity options of the headphones and ensure they are compatible with your audio devices. Most headphones come with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, which works with a wide range of devices. It’s also helpful to have additional adapters included for compatibility with professional audio equipment.

Additional Features

Consider any additional features that might enhance your listening experience. These can include detachable cables, inline microphones, controllers for convenient hands-free use, or foldable designs for easy storage and portability.


Impedance refers to the electrical resistance of the headphones. Lower-impedance headphones are generally easier to drive and can be used with a wider range of devices, including smartphones and portable audio players. Higher-impedance headphones may require dedicated amplification to achieve optimal performance.

Noise Isolation

Ensure that the headphones offer adequate noise isolation to block out ambient sounds and prevent sound leakage. This is especially important for recording sessions, as it helps maintain focus and prevents audio bleeding into microphones.

Cable Length

Consider the length of the headphone cable, as it determines the flexibility and range of movement during use. Longer cables are beneficial for studio recording, while shorter cables are more suitable for portable use.

User Reviews

Take the time to read user reviews and feedback to gain insights into the real-world experiences of other users. This can provide valuable information about the comfort, sound quality, durability, and overall satisfaction of the headphones.

Warranty and Customer Support

Verify the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and confirm that customer assistance is accessible in the event of any problems or complaints with the headphones. A reliable warranty and responsive customer support can provide peace of mind and assistance if any problems arise.

Try Before You Buy

If possible, try the headphones before making a purchase. This allows you to assess their comfort, sound quality, and fit to ensure they meet your expectations. Listening to a variety of music genres can help you determine if the headphones accurately reproduce the audio you desire.


  1. Samson SR850: These semi-open headphones offer extended frequency response and great dynamic range, making them suitable for tracking, mixing, mastering, and playback.
  1. Sony MDR-7506: With their closed-ear design, these headphones provide comfort, outstanding noise reduction, and a wide frequency response, making them a popular choice among audio professionals.
  1. BEHRINGER HPS3000: These closed-back headphones offer a wide dynamic range and a high-efficiency cobalt capsule, ensuring accurate sound reproduction and durability.
  1. Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DF: These headphones provide comfort, versatility, and premium sound clarity with their padded earpieces, flexible headband, and various connectivity options.
  1. Koss UR20: Featuring a neodymium rare earth magnet and a flexible headband, these headphones deliver deep bass, treble clarity, and maximum durability.

When selecting recording headphones, it’s crucial to consider your personal preferences and requirements. Sound quality, comfort, durability, and compatibility with your audio equipment should guide your decision-making process. Each of the headphones mentioned above has its unique strengths, so it’s important to prioritize the features that matter most to you.

We encourage you to make an informed decision based on the information provided in this guide. Consider the buying guide section, which outlines key factors to consider when selecting recording headphones. Pay attention to sound quality, closed-back design, comfort and durability, connectivity and compatibility, additional features, impedance, noise isolation, cable length, user reviews, warranty, customer support, and the option to try the headphones before purchasing.

Remember, finding the right pair of recording headphones can greatly enhance your audio production experience, allowing you to capture every detail and bring your creative vision to life. Happy recording!

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