what if someone resets the AirPods?
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AirPods are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on (and honestly, rightfully so). This, however, simply adds to the fear of “what if it’s stolen?” “What if I misplace it?” or “What if I lose it?” Thankfully, technological advancement has made it more challenging to steal and not get caught. 

But what if someone resets the AirPods? Would you be able to track them?

The answer, unfortunately, is no. Reset AirPods cannot be tracked. They do not have the same iCloud Activation lock that the other Apple devices have. 

You can still track your AirPods if they’ve been stolen but not the reset ones. You need to be aware of the procedures to have a possibility of recovering them! 

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Can You Track Stolen AirPods?

Apple devices include features that make tracking them easy. Sure, AirPods are more difficult to trace due to their relative lack of security, but that doesn’t limit the possibility. AirPods can still be monitored if you know how to do it. The following way will make it easier to locate, whether stolen or misplaced. 

Using your iCloud 

Your AirPods must be connected to iCloud for this to work. They should be automatically linked to that account if you’ve ever connected them to your iPad or iPhone.

Suppose you’ve done that, fantastic! Let us take it one step at a time to figure out what to do next.

Step 1: Log in to the iCloud account on the iCloud website with the Apple ID and password you use.

Step 2: Go to the website’s “Find iPhone” tool and choose ‘AirPods’ from the devices tab. This will get the search for devices started.

Step 3: The website will show a map revealing the precise position of your misplaced AirPods. 

If you see a green symbol, your AirPods are still linked to your device. You can click on the green symbol, and a window will pop up where you can use the ‘Play Sound’ feature. This will play a sound from your AirPods, making them easier to find. 

This feature is primarily useful if you’ve misplaced them. However, your AirPods may work even if they are stolen, as long as they are still online. 

Unfortunately, if you see a gray symbol, your AirPods are not connected and thus cannot be located. 

Being Quick

As already mentioned, this will work only if the AirPods are not reset. In order to increase your chances of getting the AirPods back, you need to be quick on your feet. When you lose your AirPods, you must hurry and find them before someone resets them. 

protect your airpods from being tracked

How to Protect Your AirPods From Being Tracked?

We talked about how to track your AirPods, But what if you don’t want people to be able to track your AirPods? If you’ve lent someone else your AirPods or connected to their device, they can easily track the location from the abovementioned method. 

To stop someone else from accessing your location, reset the AirPods. This will remove them from all the devices they have ever been connected with – including yours. So you will have to pair them up again with yours. 

Resetting your AirPods

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Place your AirPods in the charging case and open the top. 

Step 2: Locate the charging case’s back button and press it until you see the white light flashing. The white light is an indication of a factory reset. 

Step 3: You have successfully disconnected your AirPods from every Apple device! 

You can now connect them with your device, and other devices cannot track them. 

Another Way

Besides resetting your AirPods, you can also prevent tracking by ‘forgetting from the device’ if you’ve got access to it. 

Step 1: Go to the device’s settings from which you wish to delete it.

Step 2: Select Bluetooth from the menu. Scroll down to see all the connected devices.  

Step 3: Find the AirPods option and click “Forget this device”

Step 4: You have successfully disconnected your AirPods from the device! 

Is it possible for police to track down stolen AirPods?

If your AirPods are lost or stolen, the first thing you would probably do is report it to the authorities so they can investigate and get it back to you. 

It is improbable, though, that they can do so. That is if it is just your AirPods that have been stolen. They will tell you to utilize the “Find my iPhone” tool to track down your phone in that situation.

However, if other valuables were taken alongside the AirPods, there is a higher chance that the police can help find the thief and your belongings. Likewise, if just your AirPods were physically stolen from you, the police can also help you in that case. 

Other than the methods mentioned above, your AirPods can only be tracked by their serial number if they’re not reset. But only law enforcement can use this method to confirm whether it belongs to you. 

To answer your question, it is unlikely that the police can help you find your AirPods. The best shot you have to find them is by the aforementioned ways. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t involve the police!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my AirPods safe? 

The best way to not lose your AirPods is to store them in a case. 

The easiest way to lose them is through pick-pocketing, so make sure you do not keep them in your pocket. And even if you do, make sure it is in a pocket that you can zip up! 

Why are my AirPods flashing an orange light?

The orange light indicates an issue that a factory reset can only resolve. 

How far can you use AirPods from the connected device?

You can use them within 10 meters of the connected device.


No matter how much security the Apple devices have, it does not eliminate the chances of being stolen. And if the thief knows how to reset them – which is not that difficult – then the chances of getting your AirPods back are slim. 

Therefore, it is your job to keep your AirPods safe with you. Moreover, if you’ve given it to someone else, you must reset it and maintain your privacy! This article has provided you with ways to do both, and now it is time to act on it.

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