Dress Up Your Airpods With These Cool Engraving Ideas!
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Congratulations on your purchase of your new AirPods! Whether you opt for the standard version, the AirPod Pro, or the AirPod Max, you are guaranteed a totally enjoyable aural experience. In fact, it’s safe to say that they could even change the way you listen to music forever!

AirPods are of course some of the most sought-after listening devices around. Like many of Apple’s products, they are at the top of their class and represent the technological pinnacles of their respective categories. But as cherished as AirPods are, there is a way by which you could make them even more special: engraving. 

What does engraving AirPods involve? 

Engraving your AirPods involves imprinting them with a special message via laser printing technology. It is a customization option offered for select Apple products and is available only when placing an order online at the Apple Store.

Engraving imprints a specified string of characters onto the largest flat surface of the product. In the case of AirPods, it is imprinted on the front face of the carrying/storage case.  

Pretty cool, right? As you can see, engraving adds a nice finishing touch to your AirPod’s case, making them all that much more special. If you are looking to take your Apple purchase to the next level and want something more permanent than stickers or marker scribblings, read on to learn more about getting your AirPod case engraved. 

Should I get my AirPods engraved?

At this point, one question that might come to mind is: “Should I get my AirPods engraved?” This is largely a personal decision and comes down to a person’s preferences and attitudes toward their belongings. 

Some might feel that customizing AirPods‒or any other product for that matter‒devalues the item and ruins its design. Like all Apple products, a great deal of thought and planning has gone into the design of AirPods, resulting in a slick, modernistic, and minimalistic look. Depending on how you feel about it, customizing your AirPod case by engraving characters on it permanently could negate its aesthetic value. 

Others feel that AirPods are impersonal and homogenous consumer items, and that having text engraved on it is a great way to make it more their own. Indeed, once you personalize your AirPods with your unique statement, it becomes unlike any other AirPods on the market. 

Top 10 reasons to get your AirPods engraved 

If you need more convincing, here are 10 reasons to consider engraving your AirPods: 

  1. It’s a great way to personalize your AirPods 
  2. It could serve as a reminder of a special event in your life 
  3. It helps show off your personality 
  4. It communicates your esteem and affection for someone 
  5. It sets your AirPod apart from all the others 
  6. It lets several AirPod owners in the family know which one is theirs 
  7. It doesn’t cost a cent
  8. It helps identify you with a certain culture or peer group 
  9. It’s a great way to bond with a special someone 
  10. Perhaps most importantly, it’s fun!

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Do you want to preserve the modern and minimalist appearance of your AirPod? Or do you want a well-loved device that will grow with you and become an extension of your personality? If you belong in the latter category, engraving your AirPod case is probably the right decision for you. 

Check out this unboxing video of an engraved AirPod pro to help you decide if you want to go ahead with the engraving.

How do I get my AirPods engraved? 

If you do decide that engraving your AirPod is the way to go, here’s how to go about it: 

  1. Purchase your AirPods from the official Apple Store.
  2. Choose the option to add a personalized message.
  3. Type in the message of your choice. This could be letters, numbers, emojis, or any combination thereof. 
  4. Remember that you are limited to 14 characters with the standard AirPods. With AirPod Pros, the limit is 22 characters. Make sure to keep your message under this limit or you will get an error message. 

Check out the Apple website for more specifics on how to get AirPods engraved.

How much does it cost to get my AirPods engraved?

The good news is that you can get your AirPods engraved at no additional cost. That’s right: it’s totally free to have your custom message imprinted on your AirPods permanently. So if you are into customizing your devices, there’s no good reason not to have your AirPods engraved. 

Could I get my AirPods engraved in the store?

Unfortunately, engraving can only be done on Apple products that you purchase from Apple’s online store. This option isn’t available from any of the physical stores, since they don’t have the equipment needed to perform the customization. 

Can I get my AirPods engraved after purchase?

You also can’t get your AirPods engraved after you have purchased them, whether from a physical store or online. Apple doesn’t offer aftermarket customization on new or used products, whether you purchased it from an official outlet, a reseller, or a private seller. So if you are dead-set on having your AirPods customized, your only option would be to purchase them from Apple’s online store. 

What can you engrave on your AirPods?

As to what you can have engraved on your AirPod, you are pretty much free to have anything you want‒as long as it conforms to the character limits, of course! Again, that’s 14 characters for the standard AirPod and 22 characters for AirPod Pros.

Remember that Apple lets you choose from several emojis to include in your custom message, so you aren’t limited to alphanumeric characters. This gives you plenty of leeway to create truly unique and outlandish messages. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Names or nicknames. These are perhaps the most basic things you can have engraved on your AirPods, but they make perfect sense. Having your name or nickname imprinted leaves no doubt as to whose device it is. For a more fun approach, consider using your online handle or forum name that only close friends know you by. 
  • Contact information. Again, this is a fairly utilitarian thing to print on your AirPod but it serves an important purpose. If you have a tendency to lose or misplace your things, having your phone number or email address on your AirPods could be your best chance of getting them back. 
  • Hometown. Big up your ’hood by having your city or hometown printed on your AirPod case! This gives you a chance to represent your roots or at the very least, give you a topic of conversation when you meet someone new. 
  • Identifying emojis. Instead of alphanumeric characters, consider using emojis to represent yourself. Considering how closely the internet is tied in with modern society, this might actually be a quicker way to identify your AirPods than your name. 

What can’t you engrave on your AirPods? 

Before we go into the suggestions on what to engrave on your AirPods, keep in mind that there are some things that Apple won’t allow. Apart from the obvious cuss words, Apple may also reject “content that is considered illegal in the eyes of law, rules, and regulations of the region”. 

The company’s Chief Privacy Officer, Jane Horvath, also said certain content may be rejected based on the local laws and customs in the particular region. To be sure, there is no universal list of ‘forbidden’ words or character strings. Instead, engraving requests are considered after a review process based on local laws and cultural sensitivities in that particular area. 

For a more in-depth analysis of the Apple’s censorship policy, check out this report by The Citizen Laboratory

Make Your AirPod Stand Out With These Funny And Fab Engraving Ideas! 

Engraving names, contact information, and other personal details on your AirPods is a great idea and doing so does serve an important purpose. But you could also engrave unique messages that allow you to show off more of your personality. Here are some creative and outlandish ideas you can use to dress up AirPods, whether for you or as a gift for someone else: 

AirPod engraving ideas for music lovers 

It’s safe to say that most AirPod users will spend a lot of time listening to music. Here are some engraving ideas for the avowed music fans in your circle: 

  • TuneMeister
  • OnlyThe Hits
  • Vibin’
  • Soul Power!
  • Groove Machine
  • Turn It Up!

AirPod engraving ideas for tech geeks

Everyone knows someone who is a bit of a tech geek. You know the type: always peering into a screen and walking the bleeding edge of technology. Here are some ideas for the lovable nerd in your life: 

  • Big Brain
  • Thinking Zone
  • Genius At Work
  • IQ>132
  • I’m In Mensa
  • Working on my Master’s
  • That’s “Doctor” to you!

AirPod engraving ideas for cyclists 

Cycling with AirPods on isn’t a good idea for obvious reasons. But nothing’s stopping your cyclist friends from enjoying tunes on their downtime. Here are some engraving ideas for people that spend most of their time on two wheels:

  • Just Keep Cycling
  • Rollin’
  • Bike Lane Avenger
  • Fixed Gear or Get Out! 

AirPod engraving ideas for runners

Tunes and running go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here are some engraving ideas for people who live for the trail:

  • Chasin’ Pavements
  • Poundin’ The Trail
  • Just One More Mile
  • Keep Running  
  • Run, Forrest!
  • Race yah!

AirPod engraving ideas for coffee drinkers  

A hot cup of java goes down so much nicer with an earful of tunes. Here are some engraving ideas for that special someone who isn’t quite human until they’ve had their caffeine fix in the morning: 

  • Refill!
  • FrenchPress>BenchPress
  • Black, No Sugar.

AirPod engraving ideas for beer guzzlers

A tall, cold one. A foamy pint. A limited edition craft beer. No matter how you like your brew, here are some engraving ideas that should go down easy: 

  • Beer And A Shot  
  • Chug! Chug! Chug!
  • Brewski Patrol
  • Beer + Music = Life
  • Hold The Foam
  • Keep It On Ice

AirPod engraving ideas for ravers/clubbers

Club culture and music are inextricably entwined. Here are some engraving ideas for certified party people: 


AirPod engraving ideas for anime fans 

Anime fans have own culture, with the slang, lingo, and catchphrases to go along with it. Here are some engraving ideas that should strike a chord with anyone with even a passing interest in anime: 

  • Notice Me, Senpai
  • Otaku Zone
  • Urusai!
  • Kawaii
  • No Weeaboo

AirPod engraving ideas for hippies

The Woodstock Generation continues to be a powerful and relevant force for change and progress. Here are some engraving ideas for the hippies in your life: 


AirPod engraving ideas for gamers 

Gamers have their own unique language that only they understand. Here are some AirPod engraving ideas that should help them communicate with like-minded individuals: 

  • GG
  • PWND
  • No N00bs 
  • Sus
  • Boss Level
  • LvlUp!

AirPod engraving ideas for Dads

AirPods make great gifts for Dads! Here are a few engraving ideas for the man of the family: 

  • Dad Rock Zone
  • Top Dog
  • Still Rockin’
  • Head Tunemeister
  • I’m The Boss

AirPod engraving ideas for Moms

Moms are into music just like anyone. Here are some engraving ideas to make her feel more special:

  • Super Mom
  • Mom of the Year 
  • I ♥ My Family 
  • Smoove Tunes
  • Only The Classics 

AirPod engraving ideas for siblings

Thinking of giving your brother or sister a set of AirPods? Dress them up with these cool engravings! 

  • Siblings4Life
  • Blood>Water
  • Big Bro/Big Sis
  • Fam4Ever
  • I Got Ur Back

AirPod engraving ideas for other family members 

Love ’em or hate ’em, family will always be family. Check out these AirPod engraving ideas for your relatives: 

  • Best Aunt/Best Uncle Ever
  • Fave Cuz
  • Nana Tunes
  • Music Pappy

AirPod engraving ideas for besties

Besties are forever. If you’re planning on exchanging AirPods with your BFF, here are some engraving ideas that will make your gift even more special: 

  • BFF4Lyf
  • TopDawg
  • BudsAlways
  • WeTight
  • I Gotchu

AirPod engraving ideas for coworkers 

We don’t often get the opportunity to give something nice to the people we work with. But if you ever plan on giving a work buddy a set of AirPods, here are some engraving suggestions that will make them even more special: 

  • EmployeeOfTheYear
  • Work+Play
  • Keep Grindin’
  • The Hustle
  • GetBack2Work!

AirPod engraving ideas for acquaintances 

Planning on gifting AirPods to people you don’t know very well? Here are some engraving suggestions that could help break the ice! 

  • MusicIsLife
  • Top Tunes
  • Jammin’
  • SmooveGrooves
  • Keep It Locked In

Add an extra element of fun with Emojis! 

Don’t forget that Apple also gives you a choice of 45 emojis that you can engrave on your AirPods to make them even more unique and memorable.

Remember, you can combine emojis with text and numeric characters for a more personalized, custom tag. For example, you can have any of the following character strings engraved on your AirPod: 

  • Choose ✌
  • You got this 👍
  • You’re a ★
  • Need👾Coffee
  • I♥You

That’s about everything you need to know about engraving your AirPods. As you can see, you are pretty much free to have them imprinted with anything you want, keeping character limits and local regulations in mind. 

What would you like to see on your AirPods? Let us know what you are planning on engraving on them! We’d love to read your suggestions! 

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