How To Connect Airpod Pro To Peloton
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Want to use your AirPod Pro while exercising on your Peloton? Learn how to connect the two devices on our blog.

The Peloton is a great workout machine, but it can be made even better with the addition of AirPod Pro earbuds. The company has made it easy to connect the two devices, and doing so can enhance your Peloton experience in a number of ways.

First of all, connecting your AirPod Pros to your Peloton will allow you to hear your instructors better. It is particularly crucial if you are having a class in a noisy environment or have trouble hearing normally. 

Additionally, the earbuds will stay in place better than traditional headphones, meaning you won’t have to readjust them as often. You don’t have to worry about sweating as well since AirPods are water-resistant.

How Do AirPods Work on Peloton?

As with most audio devices, the AirPods use a Bluetooth connection to communicate with Peloton exercise equipment. The left and right AirPods are paired together, and the Peloton bike has a built-in Bluetooth receiver.

How To Connect Airpod Pro To Peloton

How to Connect AirPods Pro to Peloton

If you’re wondering how to connect AirPods Pro to Peloton, these are the steps to set up and pair the two devices. Take note that the earbuds work with the Bike and Tread models.

Open Discovery Mode

In order to connect your AirPods to the Peloton bike, you’ll need to put them into discovery mode. To do this, open the case of the AirPods and press and hold the button on the back for about two seconds. The LED light on the front of the case will flash white, indicating that the AirPods are in discovery mode.

Turn On Bluetooth and Confirm the Pairing

Next, open the Bluetooth settings on your Peloton bike and select “Add Device.” The bike will scan for any nearby Bluetooth devices, and your AirPods should appear on the list. Select them to establish a connection.

Enjoy Your Workout Sessions

Once you’ve connected your AirPods to the Peloton bike, you’ll be able to hear audio from the Peloton display through the earbuds. You can adjust the volume using the volume buttons on the side of the Peloton bike. Additionally, you can use Siri to control the audio or music playback if you have an iPhone.

How to Troubleshoot AirPod Pro and Peloton Connection Problems

You may encounter common connection problems between the AirPod Pro and Peloton, such as:

No Connection Between AirPod Pros and Peloton

If you are having trouble connecting your AirPod Pros to your Peloton, there are a few things you can try:

1. Check that both devices have Bluetooth turned on and are in the range of each other.

2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure that the AirPods Pro is selected as your audio output device.

3. Force quit the Peloton app and relaunch it.

4. Restart your AirPod Pros and your Peloton bike.

5. Try pairing both devices again.

Airpod Pros Not Showing Up On Peloton

AirPod Pros Not Showing Up on Peloton

If your AirPod Pros are not showing up on Peloton, make sure that your AirPods Pro is turned on and that they are within range of your Peloton bike. If you have an iPhone, open the Settings app and go to Bluetooth. Then, tap the “i” next to your AirPods Pro in the list of devices and make sure that the “Connect” switch is turned on.

If your AirPods Pro is still not showing up on Peloton, try resetting them. To do this, press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for at least 15 seconds. After your AirPods Pro have reset, try connecting them to your Peloton bike again.

AirPods Keep Disconnecting from Peloton

For AirPods that keep disconnecting from your Peloton bike during a workout, make sure that your AirPod Pro earbuds are fully charged first. If they’re not, connect them to their charging case and let them charge for at least 15 minutes before trying to use them again.

Next, check to see if there’s anything obstructing the signal between your earbuds and the bike, such as your hair, a hat, or sunglasses. If there is, try moving the earbuds closer to the bike or removing the obstruction.

If your AirPods are still disconnecting from Peloton, try resetting them. To do this, press and hold the setup button on the back of the charging case for at least 15 seconds until you see the status light flash white. Then open the lid of the case and put your AirPods back in your ears.

If you’re still having problems, try resetting your Peloton bike. To do this, hold down the power button for 10 seconds until the screen goes blank. Then wait a minute and press the power button again to turn it back on.


Does AirPods Pro work with Peloton?

Yes! You can connect your AirPods Pro to Peloton using Bluetooth. The earbuds are a great accessory to have while working out, as they’ll stay in your ears no matter how much you sweat. Plus, the sound quality is excellent, so you’ll be able to hear your music or instructor clearly.

Why doesn’t my volume work when I connect my AirPods to the Peloton bike?

Some users reported that they couldn’t adjust the audio volume while using their AirPods with the Peloton. The reason could be because the volume is stuck at the level it was in before you connected the two devices.

One solution is to pair the earbuds with your iPhone or other Apple device and play music or other media. Then, turn the volume to the loudest setting. Afterward, take off the earbuds and pair them with Peloton.

How do I connect my AirPods without a case?

If your AirPods are out of their case and close to your iPhone, they should automatically connect through the AirPlay feature. Then, connect as you would to your Peloton bike or tread.


Connecting your AirPod Pro to your Peloton Bike or Tread is quick and easy while also providing the best possible audio experience. Follow the steps above to get started and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

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