How To Find Airpod Case Only
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AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple Inc and are now widely used by Apple users. But the most challenging part is to keep them safe from being lost, as they are small. They have a specially designed case to hold them and keep them secure to overcome this. The AirPods come with this case on every purchase and are also sold separately. 

The best part about the case is that it doubles as a wireless charger for the AirPods. It simply charges the AirPods when they are placed inside the case. An LED light on the case lights up when the AirPods are being charged. When the charging mat is not available, you can use the regular port for charging. However, if you lose this case, it can be problematic. If you want an easy way to find them, keep reading to learn more.

 Find My AirPod Case Only?

How To Find My AirPod Case Only?

How To Find An Airpod Case With Airpods Inside?

An AirPods case can easily be traced with the help of the Find my iPhone app. You have to open the Find My iPhone app and check the devices connected to the iPhone. Tap the AirPods option. You can see either a green light or a gray light next to the AirPods case. If you see a green light, the AirPods case is nearby. However, the case is out of range if it has a gray light. 

So if the green light shows, immediately click the play sound option. With this option, music will start to play on AirPods. Increase the volume of the music, so it can be heard even if it is at some distance. Just follow the music to locate the case if the AirPods are inside.

How To Find Airpod Case Without Airpods Inside?

If the Find My app shows a gray light next to the case, it is out of range and offline. Despite this, you will be able to see its last location. So the very next step is to navigate to the last location of the lost case. Tap the car icon, and it will show the last location. If the case has no AirPods inside, you can not use the music option to find it. You will have to search the location thoroughly and hope for the best to find them.

What To Do If Your Airpods Case Does Not Pop Up On The Find My List

What To Do If Your Airpods Case Does Not Pop Up On The Find My List

If this is the case, don’t set your expectations very high. The app will only provide the locations where the AirPods were last connected to your Bluetooth. It will give you a precise location tracker and pinpoint where it was connected. This tracker will give you an idea of where you really should search.

Can The Airpods Case Be Found Without An iPhone?

It is alarming if your iPhone and AirPods case are both out of your reach. In this case, you can use any PC to search for your devices. Just visit and go to the Find My page. Over there, it will ask for your Apple ID. If you have multiple IDs, sign in with the ID you used to connect to your AirPods and enter your Apple password. Next, click on all devices and then tap on AirPods. You can now view the last location for the AirPods case and any connected device.

Common Hurdles When Searching For Lost AirPods Case

When searching for your AirPods case, you might also be looking for the AirPods, as the case commonly gets lost with it. It is still a challenge to find the case, with or without the AirPods. In some of these cases, you might have to resort to buying a new case altogether. 

  1. When your case does not have AirPods, it is challenging to find them, especially when they are offline.
  2. If the AirPods are inside the case, and you are following music to find them, the chances are very low. The AirPods are enclosed in the case and won’t be audible, so you will have to listen very closely.
  3. In case of theft, it is difficult to locate the precise location.
  4. The sound won’t be played if “no location found” appears below your AirPods.
  5. It is hard to find the location of the AirPods case if the Find My app is turned on later.


How To Locate Airpods Case Only?

You can track your AirPods case using the “Find My” app. It will show the last location of your case, and you can search for it in that location. 

Can Airpods Be Charged With Another Case If The Original Case Is Lost?

Yes, you can charge the AirPods with another case if you lose the original case. 

Can The Airpods Case Be Found Using The Serial Number?

Unfortunately no. It is impossible to locate the case with the help of a serial number. With the help of the serial number, you can only get a replacement.

Can You Still Track Your Case Once It Goes Offline?

No, you cannot track your case, and the Find my app will only show the last location before it goes offline.


It can be annoying to lose your AirPods or the case. Luckily, there are some easy methods to look for them. However, there is no guarantee of finding them if they have been lost for a while. Apple’s find my app has created a lot of possibilities and chances to get them back, but still, there are some restrictions. It’s hard to get them back if they are outside the Bluetooth range, and it is expensive to replace them with a new one. Keep your case close by and always remember where you put it to avoid this. It is much better to take precautions not to lose the case in the first place than to search for them every time. 

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