Tips on how not to lose airpods
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Did you also lose your pair of AirPods temporarily or permanently at some point in life? We all are familiar with that feeling. The popularity of AirPods has skyrocketed over the past years.

This unique, fascinating gadget that Apple released is preferable to earbuds and can connect to your smartphone in many ways. Unlike headphones and earbuds, AirPods are entirely wireless and can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. AirPods have greatly substituted wired headphones, and with increasing popularity, they currently account for a significant portion of the market.

However, these devices are easy to misplace because they are small, wireless, and can easily pop out of the ears. To avoid this, you just need to take some precautions to not lose your AirPods and locate them quickly if you do misplace them.

How to Not Lose AirPods

Do AirPods get lost easily?

Yes! Because of its sleek, small design, Airpods can get easily lost. It’s also not attached to anything but your ears, so it is quite easy to misplace it while exercising or performing sports if you don’t take necessary measures like wearing an ear hook or a silicon connector. These earbuds are typically designed with exercise in mind, so they also have extra hooks and wings to keep them firmly fastened in place. Therefore, losing them as one of the earpieces accidentally falling out of your ear is rare.

But everything comes down to how diligent and mindful you are about your earbuds when they aren’t in use. If you carelessly put them down anywhere convenient for you after using them, then these smart devices are not for you. Majority of the people have lost their airpods in this way because of their carelessness and then later found them broken. So, when you’re not using your airpods, there’s no reason not to keep them safely in the charging case.

simple tips to help you not lose your AirPods

How to Not Lose AirPods?

  • Wear Ear Hooks

If you worry about dropping your AirPods while listening to music or attending a call while rushing to catch a cab, a set of ear hooks are the best option. These are externally generated Apple-designed hooks that can help you keep your AirPods in place. They are made of rubber, and their design overlaps the AirPods. Its hook structure prevents the AirPods from falling.

Getting some ear hooks is probably the best method to ensure that you do not lose your AirPods while you are wearing them. These are particularly useful when exercising or engaging in sports activities such as running or cycling. Most individuals fear that these activities will lead them to lose their AirPods, and the hooks can help them stay in your ears during the process. Ear hooks transform your AirPods into sports earbuds, which are designed exclusively for athletes.

  • Download “Find My” Application

Knowing how easy they are to lose, Apple offers an app called “Find My” that you can download on your smartphone to find your AirPods. You can easily install it and connect it to your Apple devices, including your AirPods. After setting it up, the Find My app will help you track down the charging case’s last known position. Your AirPods can be tracked up to 40 feet. If you ever misplace them, you can check the app to see where they are.

All you need to do is start the application and tap on the Devices option. Then select AirPods from the dropdown menu and tap on Play Sound. Your AirPods will produce a beeping noise that will help you locate them. You’ll also be able to see a map of your nearby surroundings, and if you are close enough, a location will light up, indicating the location of your AirPods.

This will come in handy if you misplace them because you’ll be able to locate them quickly. It should also work if you only have one lost AirPod or if you’ve misplaced the case. If your AirPods have been disconnected from your phone, you’ll be able to see where you last placed them. This app is a handy and effective way to find your lost AirPods.

  • Use Silicon Connectors

Even though it defeats the purpose of wireless pods, this is yet another way to secure your AirPods safety for extra precaution. Silicon connectors are specifically designed to ensure your AirPods stay on your ears without falling even when exercising. They make it easier for your AirPods to stay in your ears and stay secure, lowering your chances of losing them.

  • Purchase an Attractive Case 

An anti-lost case with a hook or keychain or bright fluorescent color will make your AirPods difficult to lose. If you are afraid about losing your AirPod case, this will come in handy. Though the AirPods charging case is useful, it can be easily misplaced. As a result, purchasing a second case for them is worthwhile. They are usually quite affordable as well. 

  • Place a Tracking Chip

Another way is to attach a Bluetooth tracker to the casing to help you find it if you lose it. Get a Bluetooth tracker chip and stick it to the back of the AirPod charger case with double-sided tape. Download and link the tracker chip’s app to your phone, then use it to locate your AirPods if you misplace them. 

The AirPod charging case has space for a Bluetooth tracking chip. You can also combine a keychain case and a Bluetooth tracker to make it even more difficult to misplace your AirPods and make it easier to locate your keys as well. 

The Tile is an excellent example of a trustworthy Bluetooth tracker chip. It is designed to be attached to items that you frequently misplace so that you can track them using your phone. This method will not assist if the AirPods are separated from the case, but it will come in handy if you have the AirPods but not the case.

  • Use Athletic Tape

Investing in some decent athletic tape is another option for people seeking a solution to keep their AirPods in when performing athletic activities. You may easily do this with athletic tape, which will help to keep the AirPods in your ears while you are jogging around. Though it is not the most durable or secure option, it is certainly something you can do when you are in a hurry. When you are strolling or doing low-intensity exercises, AirPods will not usually come out, so you can just use some tape to make sure they stay in place.

Other Precautionary Steps:

Here are some additional steps you can take if you keep losing your AirPods. 

  • Use Silicon Slipcovers 

These are designed to keep your AirPods in place and fit above your AirPods easily.

  • Buy a Spare 

This is an expensive option, but buying a spare one could be your last option if you have a habit of losing your AirPods.

  • Always Keep your AirPods in the Case 

If you do not want to lose your AirPods, you have to keep them in the case when you are not using them. By storing them in the case, you’ll not only save battery life, but you will also be able to locate your AirPods using the iPhone’s Find My application.

  • Twist Your AirPods 

That’s right! Sometimes the AirPods keep popping out because of different angles and ear shapes. Simply twist your AirPods inwardly twice, and hopefully, it will do the trick.

  • Learn how to be Cautious 

Simply being careful with this expensive product will also help out. Make a habit of keeping the AirPods in the case. Keep the case in one place, so you always know where to look first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to not lose airpods?

You can ensure not to lose airpods by attaching an earhook or silicon connectors to your airpods. Although connecting a strap to it defeats the purpose of wireless airpods, it can be done to make sure your airpods don’t get lost if they pop out of your ear. Using Apple’s application ‘Find My’ can also come in handy to always know your airpods and its charging case location.

2. How often are AirPods lost?

According to a dedicated Apple Reddit thread, friction is more than enough to keep AirPods in your ears. According to nearly 300 people who responded to the thread, roughly 17% of people have lost one or both of their AirPods. That is, admittedly, a significant percentage, especially for a product that is extremely expensive. However, given that everyone expected users to misplace their AirPods at an alarming rate when they first launched, the surprisingly low number of people who have misplaced their AirPods may merely illustrate that the tiny device is simpler to keep track of than first imagined.

3. How do I keep my kids from losing AirPods?

You can teach your kids to be careful and make a habit of storing the airpods safely in its charging case after each use. You can also buy your kids an extra airpod case with a keychain, hook or of vibrant color to make it easy to locate in the room.  

To Sum it Up

AirPods are entirely wireless; therefore, losing them is a frequent issue. But for many people, the benefit of going wireless outweighs the additional risk. Now that you know all the things you can do to lower the risk of losing your AirPods, you can use them without any worries. Although they are more likely to get lost than a wired pair, they will not easily fall out of your ears, so all you have to do is be a little more precautious. 

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